Welcome to Colorado Cockatoos!  We are a small family owned avicultural breeding facility with state-of-the-art indoor facilities to keep our birds sheltered from the low temperatures and predators here in the Colorado foothills.  Each one of us takes a part in raising strong and healthy birds for placement in loving homes or for breeding programs.   We specialize in cockatoo species that are relatively rare, quiet and colorful.  Even though cockatoos are our specialty, we also breed other birds (listed to the left).  We strive to provide the utmost quality and care for our birds, feeding them fresh fruits and veggies as well as a nutritional diet that consists of sprouted seeds, grains, legumes, and high quality pellets.  When you purchase a bird from us, your contact with us does not stop there.  We will help you with as many and any questions you might have about your bird all of his/her life.